Love For C/O®

18CT goldplated THORN TWIG RING



Handcrafted gold ring in the shape of a thorn bush twig. Shiny sharp-pointed twig at front. Coated with 18ct gold. For each ring we force real silver under high temperatures into shapes using artisan sand-cast techniques. Brand stamp inside. Crafted in Sweden. Design by Robin Sebastian Saint. Weighs approx 7gram.

Also available in the silver version.

18ct gold over sterling silver.

Size & fit:
One size fits all. You will be able to adjust the ring yourself. Adjust it once with easy strength. 

How to care for gold plating:
Love For C/O® always use 1-micron gold plating over sterling silver, which is a thick layer that will last up to 3 years when taken care of properly. Avoid hand-wash and shower. Read our Product care prior to use.

Shipping & return:
World wide shipping and 14 days of return rights.