Quick guide how to measure your finger

1: Measure the inner diameter of a current ring at home.

2: Use tape to measure your finger. Measure it tight around your finger. 

Size 10 represents a medium and is the most common men's size. Size 6 represents a women's small and is the most common women's size.



Quick guide how to measure your wrist

Measure your wrist with measuring tape in cm to determine your size.


Small 15 - 17 cm
Medium 17-19 cm
Large 19 - 21 cm


If you measure 17cm exactly, we recommend size Medium. Medium is the most common bracelet size for men. For women or very small wrist, we recommend Small.

Bracelets can be adjusted slightly with easy force, once. If you need to adjust the bracelet every time you take it on/off, you have chosen a size too big. Do not bend the cuff bracelet every time since silver is a soft precious metal and might break if done frequently. The Love For C/O® guarantee only covers manufactory defects, not damages caused by carelessness use. You need to contact us within 7 days to report a manufactory defect.