Product Care


.925 Sterling Silver Care

Love For C/O® crafts all pieces by hand and therefore can guarantee it is made of high quality and real .925 sterling silver. Silver are a luxurious precious metal that will last a lifetime when taking care of properly. Silver can oxidize (blackened or yellowing) over time by exposure to the air and chemicals such as perfume. Make it a habit to clean your pieces with the free silver-polishing cloth to easily remove any dirt, yellow or black stains. A free cloth comes with every order. You can also clean your jewelry with regular soap and water. Sterling silver can tarnish against other metal such as zippers, keys and other jewelry. Store your jewelry separately in your dustbag in a dark cool place when not used, such as your drawer, to avoid tarnish.

All .925 sterling silver pieces can be worn in the shower/ocean without a risk of fade. Silver plated brass and gold plated silver is an exception.

Please note that our adjustable bracelets and rings can be adjusted slightly, by pushing the two ends outwards with easy strength to make bigger. Push the two ends inwards to make it smaller. Push one end at a time. Do not use force. Make sure to only do this once, as it might break if done frequently. If you need to adjust your bracelet every time taken on/off you have chosen a size too big.

If you receive a faulty or damaged item, you must contact us within 7 days. Love For C/O quality guarantee only covers manufacturing defects. Love For C/O cannot be held responsible for defects due to failure or damage caused by carelessness use, such as cracks from adjusting a bracelet, damages or scratches due to normal wear and aging.




Gold Plated Care

Please be aware that our gold plated products are plated, not solid gold. We use 1-micron of 24ct gold over sterling silver which is a relatively thick layer that will last up to 3 years when taken care of properly. Avoid hand-wash, shower and chemicals such as soap and perfumes. Love For C/O cannot guarantee how long the gold layer will last as it depends on how its worn and handled. Our gold plated items will not turn green or red, instead will slowly reveal the natural sterling silver underneath. Can be re-plated again by a jeweler.

It's adviced to wear your gold jewelry on the opposite hand of writing to avoid scratches from keys, zippers, writing. You can double the life of your gold jewelry by not wearing them every day, allow 1-2 days a week for your pieces to rest in a dark cool area such as your drawer. Do not use a scratch remover on plated items. All designs can be custom-made in solid gold starting at 480€ and up. Contact us for more information.


.925 Plated White Brass

Some of our adjustable bracelets are sterling silver plated white brass, not solid sterling silver. This is because cuff bracelets are adjustable and white brass is harder and more durable than sterling silver. White brass will not turn red or green as normal brass or copper based items, which makes it sustainable, long lasting and a great substitute for silver. Even though the silver plating may tarnish with time, it will slowly revel a natural silver color underneath. Avoid hand-wash, shower and chemicals such as soap and perfumes for the silver plating to last longer. There is no danger to wear you items to the beach and temporary contact with water, but stay away from over-exposure. Can be re-plated again by a jeweler.

It's advised to wear plated jewelry on the opposite hand of writing to avoid scratches from keys, zippers and metal surfaces. You can double the life of your plated jewelry by not wearing them every day, allow 1-2 days a week for your pieces to rest in a dark cool area such as your drawer. Do not use a scratch remover on plated items.




Shell pearls

Pearl products sold by Love For C/O® are handcrafted and needs a little extra care as they are not made of plastic or glass. We use high quality shell pearls made in man-made lakes imported from Japan. Not to be confused with plastic or glass beads of low quality. The pearls are made of natural nacre and has an extra layer to prevent misscoloring from perfumes and other chemicals that normally can miss-color pearls. The protective layer will last as long the surface isn't scratches or damages, we therefore recommend to store the pearls in your dustbag, in a dark cool area when not used, for exampel your drawer. This is recommended for sterling silver products as well. Make it a habit to gently clean the pearls with a dry cloth, or the inside of your dustbag after every use to prevent miss-coloring. If a miss-color would appear, damp it with soap and water using a soft cloth.

The pearls will not damage in contact with water, however, the pearls are held together with a waxed cotton cord. Cotton can dry and become fragile if left out in the sun or in frequent contact with water. You can still wear the pearls to the beach/pool area as long you keep the water contact to a minimum. Remove the necklace before going in to the shower for a longer lifetime of the necklace. Check the quality of the cord between the pearls before going in the water, if it looks dry, avoid sun and water. Pearls are delicate gems and go through a natural aging process. Following the care above, you can prevent the necklace from aging, however, pearls or any kind are not meant to last forever.


Contact Love For Co here if you have any questions regarding your piece, damages or how to care for your product.