"Robin Sebastian Saint, born in 1990, is a Swedish jewelry designer and certified silversmith, most known for his artwork under the name Love For C/O® - A project he started when living in New York City, as a recovery therapy from a stroke he suffered 2012".




Love For C/O® is an artisan atelier brand owned by silversmith Robin Sebastian Saint. All pieces are carefully crafted by hand in his atelier and out of the highest quality sterling silver on the market. Here at the atelier we melt and shape silver under high temperatures using artisan sand-cast and forge techniques, which lets us experiment with different textures and shapes. All pieces are made to last using only raw and natural materials. A signed certificate of authenticity follows every order.

The Love For C/O® atelier was first opened in January, 2020, in Copenhagen by silversmith and jewelry artist Robin Sebastian Saint, although the idea and the first pieces of crafts was made in early 2015 when Robin Sebastian studied Arts & craft in New York City, as a recovery method from a stroke he suffered previous year. "To work with my hands and with small details was a recovery process that saved my life. It kept my brain and muscles stimulated" Robin Sebastian says in an interview.

His pieces are known for its Christian influences and ancient greece mythology, reflecting his interest for ancient history and post-apocalyptic art. The silver used are of the highest quality .925 sterling silver and comes mainly from Europe. Silver bullions used in the melting process can occasionally be imported from China or India depending on where silver mines are currently active. Gold-plated products are plated with 24CT gold over sterling silver. Silver is a luxurious precious metal and we always test the silver to ensure the quality we guarantee our customers.


We have a huge respect for our planet and take our responsibilities serious as a company and humans. We therefore pack our packages light. No unnecessary wrapping or plastic will be found in our packaging. All orders are sent out in recyclable paper boxes together with our vegan friendly signature dust-bag and cleaning cloth. The boxes we use as wrapping are locally produced in Sweden and does not have to travel far to reach our atelier. The black ink on our gift-boxes and ribbons are plant based. Please inform us if you need extra gift wrapping or boxes as these are not included automatically to reduce one-time use. The packaging we send our products in are perfectly enough to keep the product safe during shipment.