Here are frequently asked questions concerning Love For C/O


Why can I only choose Express shipping?

During the on-going pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions across the globe delays the cheaper standard shipping heavily, up to 45 days and in some countries longer. Because of this, we have taken away the troubled option temporarily until postal offices has recovered. DHL Express and FedEx Priority is the only carriers that delivers on-time within 1-3 days and is a great option for safe home delivery.



Home delivery

During the pandemic both shipping options will be home delivered. If a delivery attempt fails with Standard shipping, your package will be delivered to the nearest service point with you local postal carrier. If a deliver attempt fails with DHL Express/Fedex Priority, we ask you to call DHL/FedEx to re:schedule to a time you are home. We do not recommend asking DHL/FedEx to leave your parcel outside the door/gate when you aren't home as the insurance does not cover lost or stolen goods instructed by the customer to leave outside the door/gate.



I can't track my order.

You can track your parcel sent with standard shipping on this universal site before it enters your country. Once it reaches custom control in your country you will be able to track it at your local postal carriers website. Postnord sends packages out from Sweden and hands it over to your local postal carrier. For example La Poste for France, PostNL for Netherlands, Canada Post for Canada and USPS for the U.S



Where is my order? Is not shipped yet?

Love For C/O® is an artisan brand and we handcraft every item by hand in our Atelier. We need 2-3 days to craft your piece as mentioned in our "Shipping & return" agreement. Production time is not the same as shipping time. 

Tracking information is emailed to all customers when the package has been dispatched. During the pandemic our cheaper standard shipping can take 20-45 days to deliver, depending on the pressure and amount of people on sick-leave in the receiving country. Delays is out of our control and we ask you to have patience and contact you local postal carrier for information. Choose DHL Express as shipping method for on-time deliveries world wide.

If a delivery attempt fails, it will be delivered to the nearest service point, we therefore ask you to call your local postal carrier to see where to pick it up. You can search your package at this universal site before it enters customs in the receiving country. 

If you have ordered with DHL Express, we ask you to contact DHL for questions regarding your parcels.

Here you can read more about Covid-19 and how it affects deliveries world wide.



When do you restock sold out items and what is pre-order?

Because these are handcrafted items there is a limited stock of what we can craft. We need 6-8 months to stock sold out items. We stock each item in 50 pieces each size and color. We suggest not waiting to long to purchase your desired piece since most items go out of stock fast.

Pre-order is something we do a few weeks before a popular item gets restocked. It helps us to know how many extra pieces to craft so everyone gets a fair shot of getting one. If you pre-order and item you are guaranteed a piece when it restocks. It will automatically be shipped to you on the release date mentioned in the product description. You can cancel a pre-order and get a refund anytime before it ships. 



What is the return address?

Please email for the return address and instructions. We can not answer Instagram DM's.



How do i maintain sterling silver?

Love For C/O® crafts real silver products. Silver is a soft metal and therefore needs a little more care. Make sure to clean your jewelry after use with the polishing cloth to remove fingerprints and dirt. If silver is not used for a while it can turn a yellow color which removes quickly with hand-wash or by using the polishing cloth. Store your jewelry in your dustbag, in a cool/dark/dry area when not used. The more you wear silver, the shinier and more luxurious it looks.

Silver can scratch in contact with other jewelry, keys, zippers or if dropped to the floor. Please handle your handcrafted silver jewelry with care, it's an art-craft after all. Silver will age with class and tell a story based on your life. Silver will also last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation. Never throw real silver away as it has great value and can be melted down and re-shaped.



How to put on/off my cuff bracelet?

It's easy to forget that silver is a soft luxurious precious metal, compared to stainless steel or brass, and needs to be taken care of properly in order to last a lifetime. Gently adjust your bracelet once with easy strength. Not so tight it hurts to put on, yet not so loose it falls off when you move.

Push the end of your bracelet against the soft spot on the inside of your wrist and simply roll it on/off. If you need to adjust the bracelet every-time you take it on/off you have chosen a size too big. If you bend any products made of real sterling silver frequently and/or with force, it might break. It's important to care for your handcrafted silver and not to treat them as steel products.



Do you ship as normal during the pandemic and can i get sick from packages?

We send out packages from Sweden with no current delays. You do not get sick from packages and we have strict packing policy with mask, gloves and sanitizers before and after packing your order. Delays may occur in the receiving country depending on the local situation there. We ask our customers to show patience and read our Covid-19 terms before placing an order.

We pray for the families affected and ask our customers to be patient with delivery times. 14 days of return right starts when the package has been received by the customer. Delays does not effect your return rights.



What payment options are you offering and is it safe? Can i still get money back if i return an item?

We offer safe payments through Apple pay, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Google pay, iDeal, Klarna and American Express (debit and credit). Love For Co never handles payment information, it's always through the bank and agents.

Yes, if you like to return a product, your refund will be visible in your bank account 5-10 days after we receive the product back. The product needs to be returned in it's original condition, not be worn and sent back in it's original plastic bag and boxes for a refund to get approved.



What material are your products made of?

We handcraft products from high quality .925 sterling silver. Because every product is handcrafted and shaped in our atelier, we can guarantee it's real silver of highest quality. You will find specific material information in the product description of each product



Are the pearl collection real pearls? 

There are many kinds of pearls on the market: freshwater, saltwater, shell pearls and fake pearls. Love For C/O® uses shell pearls from man-made lakes, not saltwater, hence the price. Not to be confused with plastic, glass or shell powder pearls of low quality. By placing the farmed shell pearl inside mussels, the beads outer layer will be covered with natural nacre, however not shaped by nature alone.

After the pearls has been polished into 6mm round beads by machine, they are covered with an extra layer of nacre to dampen the natural yellow color and to protect miss-coloring from perfume and everyday use. We can assure these are shell pearls from a government certified lake-farm and not pearls made of plastic or glass. Imported from Japan.

Scientists classify pearls as vegan-friendly since clams, mussels and oysters are missing a nerve system. This is up to every customer to decide for themselves before purchase.



Can I clean my jewelry and should silver tarnish? 

If not used for a while, sterling silver will oxidize and turn a yellow/brown color. This is how sterling silver behaves in contact with parfume, air and other chemicals. It is normal for all brands. It is recommended to use sterling silver every day, to wash them in soap and water to maintain a polished appearance. You can always clean your pieces with a silver polishing cloth. You can also wash our pieces with "silver polish solution" which you can buy in most grocery stores and hobby shops. Make it a habit to rub the cloth on your pieces after use and store them in a dry/cool area such as your drawer.



Is it possible to do a return if it doesn't fit?

Yes. You have the right to a refund (minus shipping costs) or exchange to another product within 14 days after you receive your item. Only criteria is that the item comes back in its original condition and packaging. Send us an email and we will give you the return address and process your return.



Do you have any discounts codes?

Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the home page and you will get a 10% discount on your first order.



Where are your items made?

All products are handcrafted in Copenhagen and/or Stockholm, depending on the product. Silver of highest quality is imported. The product description of each product will give you detailed information.



Can i return an item online that i purchased in a store?

Love For Co has retail stores that is not direct own by us. All stores are individual stores. Therefore, purchases made in a store can only be returned in the same store as purchased. If you want money back for a product; you have to return it to the original store of purchase. 

Aswell goes for online purchases. Right now there is not possible to return products purchased online to our retail stores, it has to be returned online.



How long is the shipping to my country?

We ship world wide and here can you find shipping information and prices for your country.


Didn't find your answer? Contact Love For Co here and we will get back to you within 48 hours.